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  I'm so glad you're here!

Grab a cup of tea and relax. Let’s talk.

When was the last time someone truly committed to being there to listen to you - not only to the words you were saying, but also those that went unspoken?

When is the last time you paused to think about what it would take to bring back the joy and zest for life that you felt as a child?

Together we will cover all aspects of your health & wellness.  We’ll look at the basics of food and how you are fueling your body.  We’ll work at weaving more movement into your daily routine. You’ll learn a variety of techniques that will give you the tools you need to combat the stress of daily life. These simple practices will help you sleep better and regain both your energy and sense of calm at the same time.  And we will dive even deeper, uncovering your true desires – what makes you happy, what makes you tick.

You are a complex, passionate person.  You deserve all this attention and focus.

And this is just the beginning!   Our next step on the road to wellness is implementation.  We will take what we’ve discovered and turn it into a daily practice.  We will find ways to Calm the Chaos and Clear the Clutter so there is room in your life for you to SHINE.  This will be more than a transition- a metamorphosis really – and I can’t wait to begin the journey with you! 

Trust in the amazing ability that the mind and body possess to heal themselves.

Using my experience and training as a Holistic Health Coach, I will work as your guide –helping you look for the clues that your body is giving you to tell you what it needs to thrive and feel whole. I'll help you take that knowledge and put it into practice, allowing you to achieve your goals. And it all begins with a conversation.

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From Chaos to Clarity

Reconnecting with your Creativity